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Submit a Presentation Proposal for the
CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo 2017
September 16-18 • Hilton San Diego Bayfront • San Diego, California

The deadline for proposals has now past.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

  • Higher ed HR professionals with a story to tell or expertise to share 
  • Subject matter experts who have unique insight into the challenges facing higher ed HR

We are looking for presenters to share their how-tos, best practices, case studies and lessons learned. The most requested sessions tend to address:

  • CHRO as institution leader
  • Campus climate and the role of HR
  • Higher ed workforce challenges
  • Higher ed talent management challenges
  • HR as partner with academic leaders
  • Using HR data to drive leadership decision-making
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance challenges (ACA, FMLA, Title IX, etc.)
  • HR metrics and analytics and leveraging technology
  • Educating academic leaders on the value-added role of HR and the associated relationship
  • Other timely higher ed HR topics (examples: student unionization, change management that includes faculty, and challenges of streamlining processes and resources in a highly decentralized work environment)

Curious about sessions we’ve featured in the past? Check out sessions from the 2016 Annual Conference and Expo.

Tools for Fine-Tuning Your Proposal

  • Learning Framework  Review the CUPA-HR Learning Framework. Get an overview with this short video, and explore the details on the framework web page. All CUPA-HR learning is connected to the Learning Framework.
  • Exploratory Questions — Fine-tune your session idea even further by answering these questions:
    • How does your proposed topic relate to the CUPA-HR Learning Framework?
    • Why is the topic of interest to higher ed HR professionals of varying institution sizes and types — small public, large public, small private, large private, two-year, four-year, etc.?
    • What challenges will your session help others to overcome?
    • Could you co-present with a professional from another institution to give your session more depth?
  • Worksheet Preview this worksheet and draft your presentation proposal submission prior to entering the information in the online form. Work in the online form cannot be saved along the way, and spelling/grammar checks are not available.

Before You Decide to Submit a Proposal

  • Review Important Dates and Timelines — If you will be unable to meet these deadlines or do not have support from your institution or employer to present, please reconsider your decision to submit a proposal.
    • Proposal Submission Deadline: March 3
    • Speaker Agreement Due From Selected Speakers: Within One Week of Notification
    • Delivery of Presentation: September 16-18
  • Review the Indirect Costs of Presenting  — If you are a selected speaker, you’ll be asked to share your knowledge without compensation. Additionally, you’ll be required to pay your own travel costs and a discounted conference registration fee of $560-$950 depending on your affiliation with a higher ed institution or corporate organization.