Supersize your conference learning when you drop by for one of our microsessions. Each session will be tiny in terms of size and time, but huge on information and insight; so don’t miss out!

What is a Microsession?

Packing information and insight on a topic into a fifteen-minute segment, microsessions provide additional insight from a concurrent session or expound upon a specific tool, element, process, etc. These educational sessions are less formal and shorter than concurrent sessions, typically offering 7-10 minutes of content and 5-8 minutes for Q&A.

Monday, October 21

Empowering All Through a Disability Mentoring Program
8:00-8:15 a.m. | Microsession Theater inside the Expo Hall
The University of Kansas developed a disability inclusion mentoring program in 2018 to broaden mentees’ perspectives on disability inclusion. Learn the reasons for developing the program, the implementation of the pilot program and lessons learned.

Visualizing Equity and Inclusion on Campus
10:20-10:35 a.m. | Microsession Theater inside the Expo Hall
When the members of our colleges and universities see positive reflections of themselves throughout our campuses they feel recognized and valued. Artist and educator Adam Mastoon will share how to create inclusive, expansive images and stories that allow your community to feel seen, valued and heard.

C-Suite + HR: Collaborate or Bust
2:35-2:50 p.m. | Microsession Theater inside the Expo Hall
If you want better healthcare benefits while controlling employee health insurance costs, your C-suite and HR leaders must collaborate. Learn how to think critically about traditionally-funded health insurance models and to consider alternative models, such as HRAs, to control costs and improve benefits.
Sponsored by Nonstop Wellness

Tuesday, October 22

Competing for Talent in Today’s Ever-Evolving, New Work-Life World
10:20-10:35 a.m. | Microsession Theater inside the Expo Hall
Trends and insights from new research will help you to better understand and engage today’s diverse, multi-generational workforce, helping you deliver winning benefits strategies that can attract and engage the talent you need.
Sponsored by MetLife.

Get Onboard! Simple Tools for Communicating With Employees
1:30-1:45 p.m. | Summit 5
Whether you are one person or part of a larger team, learn the simple strategies and effective tools to build thoughtful communication for new employees, current employees and HR initiatives.

Crossing Bridges – A Shadowing Program
2:00-2:15 p.m. | Summit 5
Learn about CUNY’s shadowing program which provides the option for masters and doctoral students to experience firsthand employment possibilities outside the classroom. One of the program’s missions is to enhance relationships between administrators and scholars in the hope of building bridges that harness knowledge, experience and growth, and creating a pool of resources for their professional journey.