Microsessions for Presenters

What to Expect to Prepare for a Microsession

What is a microsession?

Packing information and insight on a topic into a fifteen-minute segment, microsessions provide additional insight from a concurrent session or expound upon a specific tool, element, process, etc. These educational sessions are less formal and shorter than concurrent sessions, typically offering 7-10 minutes of content and 5-8 minutes for Q&A.

What types of topics might you expect? Here are some of last year’s microsession topics:

  • Is There a Mediator in the House?
  • Transform Your HR Onboarding Process From A to Z Digitally
  • Title IX and VAWA 101: Everything HR Should Know, But Is Afraid to Ask
  • Using Big Data and Operational Integration to Revolutionize Engagement

Length: 15 minutes (aim for about 7-10 minutes of content and 5 minutes of question and answer from the audience)

Setup: A/V setup will include a mic and speaker, with a monitor and computer available upon request.

Presentation: Sure, you can use PowerPoint, but limit the number of slides (suggested 3-5 maximum) to only the most essential information and make them highly visual with minimal text. This shorter format really lends itself to telling the story of your content. If you do use a presentation, it may be added to the conference website for attendees to access and download.

Questions?: The CUPA-HR Learning and Professional Development team are here to assist you in developing and delivering your microsession. Email learn@cupahr.org with any questions.