About the Conference

CUPA-HR’s Spring Conference will be virtual this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to join your higher ed HR peers from across the country as we explore some of HR’s most pressing challenges, including workforce planning, tackling racial and pay inequities, and improving HR practices and systems in the midst of the pandemic.

Featured Speakers

Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, will share insights and calls to action from his most recent book, Human Work in the Age of Smart Machines. Merisotis’ vision centers on developing our unique capabilities as humans through a lifetime of learning opportunities that are easy to navigate, deliver fair results and offer a broad range of credentials — from college degrees to occupational certifications. By shifting long-held ideas about how the workforce should function and expanding our concept of work, he argues that we can harness the population’s potential, encourage a deeper sense of community and erase a centuries-long system of inequality.

Nicole Weyer, founder of Root to Rise Coaching, will show us how to flip the script on burnout so that what we offer to our families, our colleagues and ​the ​communities we serve is the best version of ourselves rather than the exhausted and depleted ​one​.​​ She’ll teach us how to set healthy boundaries and nourish ourselves in the wake of COVID-related burnout so that we can successfully lead across our campuses. 

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