For Presenters

We are delighted that you will be joining us as a presenter for the CUPA-HR Virtual Spring Conference! Please review the important dates and quick links below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 


  • Presenter Registration Deadline — March 10
  • Session and Speaker Changes Deadline — March 10
  • Virtual Platform Training Sessions — March 24-31
  • Session Materials Due — March 26


Speakers have two template options for their PowerPoint or other on-screen presentation:

  • CUPA-HR’s template, or
  • Use a unique template with CUPA-HR’s title slide and thank-you slide incorporated

Presenter logos may appear ONLY on the title and thank-you slides.



  • Make sure camera is at eye-level and be centered in the camera’s frame.
  • Minimize surfaces and choose a simple background.
  • Choose a well-lit location. The light should be in front of, not behind, you (for example, don’t present with a window behind you).
  • Look directly at camera instead of at your screen (engages audience).
  • Wear solid neutral colors.
  • Test your home internet speed t ensure a strong connection.
  • If presenting from home, the presenter should be the only one using bandwidth during the session (for example, no Netflix playing in another room).
  • Hardwire into your internet if possible.
  • Use 5G option if available.
  • Move your router away from the wall.
  • Don’t have other browser windows open during your presentation.
  • If possible, stand while presenting to provide better breath support (standing is also a simple way to be more engaging to your audience).


Do I need to register for the conference?

If you will be attending the virtual conference, you are required to register in advance of the conference. Presenters must register and pay their conference fee by March 10 to avoid potential session cancellation.

What is the registration fee for presenters?

All higher ed concurrent session presenters will receive a discounted registration rate of $295. For more information on fee policies, visit the conference registration page. Corporate presenters do not receive any registration discounts.

Is the registration fee transferable to non-presenters?

No, registration fee discounts are not transferable to non-presenters.

Can I invite a colleague to attend my presentation?

All attendees must be registered for the conference in order to attend any session.

Can I add additional presenters?

Presenter additions or changes can be made until March 10; however, we encourage you to limit the number of speakers due to the virtual conference setting.

Will any other conference-related presenter expenses be covered by CUPA-HR?

Other than the registration fee discount described above, CUPA-HR does not provide assistance with any other conference-related presenter expenses.

What is the virtual conference platform?

Sessions at CUPA-HR’s Virtual Spring Conference will take place in Zoom and through the Pathable platform. We highly encourage presenters to attend a Virtual Platform Training Session, which will be held March 24-31.

Is there a template I need to use for preparing my CUPA-HR presentation?

Speakers have two template options for their PowerPoint or other on-screen presentation:

• CUPA-HR’s template, or
• Use a unique template with CUPA-HR’s title slide and thank-you slide incorporated.

Presenter logos may appear only on the title and thank-you slides.

How long should my presentation be?

Sessions will last one hour.

Can I use reports in my presentation?

CUPA-HR recommends limited use of reports in presentations, as reports do not show well. If your presentation requires the use of reports, be sure to submit an addendum to your presentation with full-page snapshots of the reports so that attendees can download them.

How and to whom do I submit my presentation?

All presentations must be submitted for review by March 26 via email to Please note that you will run your own slides during your presentation.

If my session is eligible for CEUs, where do the attendees get the CEU form?

CUPA-HR will submit the entire conference program to the HR Certification Institute and Society for Human Resource Management. If approved, CEU forms will be available on the conference website. 

Who do I contact if I have a general question about my CUPA-HR presentation?

Email CUPA-HR at

Does CUPA-HR use a Twitter hashtag for the conference?

Yes. The Twitter hashtag for the CUPA-HR Virtual Spring Conference is #cupahr21. You can use this hashtag when tweeting about your conference session.

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