Presenter FAQs

Registration and Expenses

Do I need to register for the conference?

Yes, all presenters, panelists and facilitators are required to register online in advance of the conference. Presenters must register and pay their conference fee by July 8 to avoid potential session cancellation.

What is the registration fee policy for presenters?

All higher ed concurrent session presenters are entitled to $105 off the member price for full registration until the advance registration deadline. For more information on fee policies, visit the conference registration page.

Corporate presenters do not receive any registration discounts.

Is the registration fee transferable to non-presenters?

No, registration fee discounts are not transferable to non-presenters.

Can I invite a colleague to attend my presentation?

All attendees must be registered for the conference in order to attend any session.

Can I add additional presenters?

Presenter additions or changes can be made until July 8. After that time, conference materials will be printed. No additional presenter registrations will be allowed.

Will any other conference-related presenter expenses be covered by CUPA-HR?

Other than the registration fee discount described above, CUPA-HR does not provide assistance with travel or any other conference-related presenter expenses.


Is there a template I need to use for preparing my CUPA-HR presentation?

Speakers have two template options for their PowerPoint or other on-screen presentation:

They may use CUPA-HR’s template, or they may use their own template with CUPA-HR’s title slide and thank-you slide incorporated.

How long should my presentation be?

Presenters will be assigned a 60-minute time slot for their session. Your preferred presentation length cannot be guaranteed, so you will need to adjust your presentation accordingly. When preparing your presentation, be mindful that presentations should allow 10-15 minutes for questions and answers. Attendees will expect a full, robust presentation from which they can take away new and valuable information, and are very displeased when sessions end early.

Can I use reports in my presentation?

CUPA-HR recommends limited use of reports in presentations. Reports do not show well, and attendees who are not in the first few rows of your session will not see the details. If your presentation requires the use of reports, be sure to submit an addendum to your presentation with full-page snapshots of the reports so that attendees can download and bring them to your session.

How and to whom do I submit my presentation?

All presentations must be submitted by September 1 via email to If your file is too large to send via email, alternate arrangements will be recommended. See the For All Presenters page for more information.

Where will sessions be held?

Sessions and conference activities will be held at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

When does my completed presentation need to be submitted?

Final presentation materials are due no later than September 1. CUPA-HR may review your materials, and will contact you should edits be required. Edited versions must be submitted within one week of notice.

Will the conference have rooms designated where I can practice my presentation?

Yes, the conference will feature one speaker ready room at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. This room will be equipped with full standard AV setup. The room is available in 30-minute increments during conference hours. In order to accommodate practice sessions for all presenters, we ask that you limit your practice time to no more than 60 minutes. 

If I have updates to my presentation after the deadline, can I bring it to the conference on a flash drive?

You are required to meet the designated September 1 final deadline. Once you submit your presentation, it must go through the review/edit process, and then be converted to handout form and posted. Conference registrants expect to be able to download the final version of presentations before leaving for the conference, and are not pleased when their handout does not match the presentation.

If my session is eligible for CEUs, where do the attendees get the paperwork?

CUPA-HR will submit the entire conference program to the HR Certification Institute and Society for Human Resource Management. If approved, CEU forms will be available on the conference handout site on Tuesday, October 6.

Who do I contact if I have a general question about my CUPA-HR presentation?

Email CUPA-HR at

Does CUPA-HR use a Twitter hashtag for the conference?

Yes. The Twitter hashtag for the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo 2020 is #cupahr20. You can use this hashtag when tweeting about your conference session.


If I need to, can I load my presentation onto a CUPA-HR-provided laptop?

No. CUPA-HR does not provide laptops for presenters. You must bring your own laptop, with the presentation fully loaded. We suggest you bring a back-up copy of the presentation on one or two USB devices, in the event something malfunctions with your laptop.

Will I have internet access in my concurrent session room?

All session rooms will have WiFi connectivity, but if you are using the connection to incorporate video or other high bandwidth activities, we advise that the you order and pay for higher levels of connectivity to ensure your presentation runs smoothly. To order, contact

Can I use multimedia in my presentation?

Multimedia may be used in your presentation, but we do recommend that you verify on-site that it works smoothly on your equipment. Be mindful of restrictions or licensing required for use of music or video, as CUPA-HR will not cover the cost of licensing.

What AV can I expect when I arrive in my presentation room?
  • One projection unit with screen that is compatible with the size of the room
  • Standard cables to connect a PC to the projection unit (presenters using Apple products and tablet devices are advised to bring their own adapter cables to connect to the projector)
  • One remote control for the projection unit
  • One podium
  • One wireless handheld microphone
  • Two wireless lavaliere microphones
  • Additional requests must be included in your proposal application for consideration for approval and will come at an extra cost
Will CUPA-HR arrange for flipcharts in the presentation room?

Yes, but only if requested in advance. If you did not include a request in your proposal, please e-mail by September 1 with your request.

Will CUPA-HR arrange for phone lines, speakerphones and/or whiteboards in the presentation rooms?


Will there be someone around to assist me in case of any problems?

Yes, CUPA-HR will have association and AV staff on site to visit your session room prior to your session

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