Press Policies and Requirements

CUPA-HR Press Policies and Requirements

CUPA-HR values our important relationship with the media; however, we must keep our members’ and presenters’ best interests in mind. To maintain this balance, we have outlined the following policies and requirements for all press in attendance at any CUPA-HR event.

CUPA-HR, as a private, voluntary association, reserves the right to exclude the press from any of its meetings or workshops at the discretion of the board of directors of CUPA-HR as delegated to the president and chief executive officer.

The following guidelines are provided:

  • For meetings, webinars and workshops which are open to non-members and where a non-member may pay a fee and be allowed to participate, CUPA-HR may require a member of the press to pay the participant non-member fee in order to be in attendance. Where information gained is copyrighted or declared a trade secret, the approval of CUPA-HR must be obtained in writing in order to publicly publish the specific information obtained.
  • Members of the press who are present at CUPA-HR-sponsored activities as a non-paying participant will be required to register with CUPA-HR and wear an appropriate “Press Badge” issued by CUPA-HR.
  • If a member of the press attends a concurrent session at a CUPA-HR program, that individual must arrive prior to the start of the session and let the presenter(s) know that they are in the room.

If there is anything CUPA-HR can do to better accommodate your needs as a media representative, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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