Event Policies

Event Policies

All attendees of events hosted by CUPA-HR agree to comply with all rules and conditions of those events.

Code of Conduct
CUPA-HR is committed to providing a safe and equitable learning environment for all events. Meeting participants, staff, speakers, service providers and exhibitors are expected follow this code of conduct. This policy covers all conference events, in-person or virtual, including those held in conjunction by corporate partners. Attendees must behave responsibly at all events. Threatening physical or verbal actions; disorderly or disruptive conduct; and harassment, sexual or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Such behavior may result in removal from the meeting, denial of access to meeting facilities or platforms and other penalties. Conference fees will not be refunded if one is removed from the conference as a result of violation of this code.

Badge Policy 
For all in-person events, name badges will be provided based on the information entered during your registration. You will receive a confirmation that will include the information that will be listed on your name badge. All attendees must wear their name badge for entry into the conference events. Entrances will be monitored to prevent unauthorized persons from participating.

Virtual Platform Credentials
Credentials for the virtual platform will be shared the week prior to the broadcast. Your login credentials are unique to you and may not be shared. Platform access will be monitored to prevent unauthorized participants into the event.

Cancellation Policy
CUPA-HR has instituted a liberal cancellation policy for this year’s annual conference. You may cancel your registration for either experience (in-person or virtual) without penalty through September 24. In-person experience registrations cancelled from September 25-30 will be transferred to the virtual experience and the fee difference will be refunded. There will be no refunds of registration fees for either experience after September 30. Should CUPA-HR be unable to hold the in-person event, your registration will be transferred to the virtual event and a refund will be processed for the difference in registration fees.

Substitution Policy
Substitutions can be made for higher education registrations through September 30. All substitutions are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

Substitution and Cancellation Requests
For substitutions and cancellations, fill out the online form.

No Shows
If you do not pick up your name badge or log into the virtual platform, your registration will be classified as a “no-show.” No-shows are not eligible for a refund.

Payment Policy
Full payment is required before the in-person and virtual events. All payments must be received by September 30. Your registration will be cancelled unless payment is made via credit card by this date. Purchase orders are not an actual payment until the check is received by CUPA-HR. Should you register with a purchase order, a grace period of two weeks will apply to the advanced registration deadline. Your payment must be received by August 4 or you will be rebilled at the regular registration rate.

Corporate Solicitation and Attendance Policy
CUPA-HR events are private conferences and tradeshows. Only employees or bona fide representatives of exhibitors, registered non-exhibiting corporate attendees, higher education institutions and pre-approved speakers and guests are eligible to attend. Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to any registrant. Product/service demonstration or solicitation of business, including but not limited to literature distribution by non-exhibitors or exhibitors outside their rented exhibit space or in any show management contracted hotel, is strictly prohibited. Show management has the sole discretion and right to immediately remove violator(s) from the event area and revoke show credentials from violator(s) without prior notice or hearing. Show management may also, at its discretion, bar any violator(s) from future shows. CUPA-HR will not allow entry to our conference to any unregistered corporate partners. Neither the virtual platform nor the app should be used for solicitation of any sort. Corporate partners cannot market or sell products outside of the exhibit hall or mutually agreed virtual meetings. Discussion threads should be used for connecting with fellow attendees, sharing ideas and to ask questions.

Exhibitor and Participant Notice — No Suitcasing or Outboarding Allowed
Please be advised that the distribution of sales materials on the show floor or in the session areas from non-exhibiting companies, i.e., “suitcasing” is not permitted. All exhibitors must also confine their sales activities to their booth areas. Brochures may not be handed out in the aisles or in other parts of the building. Arranging exhibits, events or hospitality suites at off-site locations without the consent of CUPA-HR and that conflict with conference programming, i.e., “outboarding” is strictly prohibited. If you witness this type of activity, please contact show management immediately so that we can properly handle this situation. Show management can be contacted by going to the Registration and Information desk onsite.

Corporate Entertainment and Gifts Policy
Effective January 1, 2019, exhibitor giveaways and drawings will be permitted at CUPA-HR national and regional conferences. Giveaway and drawing prizes must be limited to a market value worth of $150 or less. Any exhibitor offering a giveaway or drawing worth more than $150 will be required to cease giveaway or drawing publicity immediately. CUPA-HR will not provide a forum for giveaways and drawings to be conducted or announced during face-to-face events. Communicating drawing and giveaway results will be the responsibility of individual exhibitors. CUPA-HR allows exhibitors to hand out branded marketing collateral such as pens, Post-It notes, pads of paper, clip holders and the like from their booths during Expo open hours. We ask our exhibitors to be mindful of the ethics and limitations to which our attendees may be held by their universities. CUPA-HR advises all members to review any applicable institutional or other guidelines before accepting invitations or gratuities at conferences from exhibitors, sponsors and partners. Some institutions have strict guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable with regard to an employee accepting invitations for meals, gifts and gratuities from vendors or potential vendors of the institution.

CUPA-HR strives to provide equitable access to all during our events. If you have special needs as defined by the ADA, please indicate this during the registration process. You may also contact conferences@cupahr.org.

Appearance Release
Recording, photography and screen captures may be instituted during both the in-person and virtual events by CUPA-HR staff or its agents. By registering for this event, attendees grant CUPA-HR permission to utilize images and recordings for promotional and commercial use. All non-CUPA-HR recording and photography is prohibited unless awarded prior consent.

Indemnification Statement
Event attendees voluntarily assume all risk and danger of personal injury and all hazards arising from or related in any way to the meeting, whether occurring prior to, during or after the meeting.

Minors at the Conference
Everyone who attends the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo must be registered and have a badge. Badges for minors (under age 18) are complimentary and may be obtained at the CUPA-HR Registration and Information Desk. Individuals age 18 and over must pay advertised registration rates. Minors’ badges do not offer access to any off-site activities. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guardians are asked to help maintain a professional, disturbance-free environment. Minors (under age 18) are not allowed in the Expo Hall during set-up or dismantle hours. No one under the age of 21 will be served wine, beer or any alcoholic beverage at any CUPA-HR gathering.

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